“The rules are simple, just pick your favorite horror film for each day! However, you can’t pick the same horror film more [than] once. So once you pick say THE EXORCIST for your favorite horror film involving the powers of Hell, you can’t [pick] it again for any other day [whatsoever,] including favorite horror film.”

Source: Dollar Bin Horror

Day 08 – Your favorite anthology
Film: Trick’r Treat (2007) – dir. Michael Dougherty

Admittedly, Trick’r Treat has little competition: I’ve only really seen this and Twilight Zone: The Movie.  If Creepshow or Creepshow 2 were competitors, they may trump this one, but since they aren’t, Trick’r Treat gets the nod.  Don’t mistake that to mean I didn’t enjoy Trick’r Treat, because I did, very much.  This dark humor anthology takes place on one Halloween night, following several separate stories that take place in the same town.  From the high school principal who moonlights as a serial killer, to the couple that learns why you shouldn’t blow out a pumpkin before midnight, these stories are expertly woven together, but still manage to stand on their own.  This is one of the better movies to watch on Halloween, and a great horror anthology worth checking out.