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You can find the link to apply right here, but check below for specifics.

The most important aspect of every website is the content that its writers produce. This is the foundation of the Cinefessions ideology: content is king. Those who produce that content – the writers – are the heart and soul of every site, and Cinefessions is looking to invite some passionate, dedicated writers looking to improve their portfolio in a fun, professionally-aimed environment.

Whether you have written about film and television in the past, or have only had the desire to do so, Cinefessions wants to hear from you.

Cinefessions may specialize in horror, sci-fi, and cult media reviews and podcasts, but we are passionate about film, video games, comics, and literature of any genre, so don’t think you can’t fit in because you prefer Cameron Crowe to Wes Craven, or James Patterson to Peter Straub.

Currently, Cinefessions does not offer compensation to its writers, but that is a future goal that we strive hard to achieve every day. You can help reach that goal quicker by producing solid, consistent content. Even though this is a volunteer job, Cinefessions is only interested in applicants that are dedicated to writing high quality, original reviews, news articles, and opinion pieces; we do not want the copy and paste jobs that millions of other news sites on the web pass off as content. Cinefessions must stand out for its high quality, unique, and consistent articles and reviews.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

Theatrical Film Critics: Theatrical film critics review newly released films in theatres, including both limited and wide releases. These writers should submit 1-2 theatrical reviews a week, plus 2-4 articles or opinion pieces a month based on new and/or upcoming theatrical releases.

Television Critics: TV critics review popular television shows every week. Each writer will have specific series to review, and should submit 1-4 reviews a week, plus 2-4 articles or opinion pieces a month based on new and/or upcoming television programs.

DVD and Blu-ray Critics: DVD and BD critics review new DVDs and Blu-rays in full, including A/V quality, and special features. These writers must have access to a Blu-ray player, and should submit 1-2 DVD/BD reviews a week, plus 2-4 articles or opinion pieces a month based on new and/or upcoming home video releases. Note: DVD and BD critics can only review purchases they have made for the time being. Cinefessions is working to start receiving review material from publishers, but for now, these writers review only what they purchase.

Contributors: Contributors write a variety of different articles, including reviews, columns, or other featured opinion pieces. These writers should submit 2 or more submissions each month.

Guest Writers: Guest writers do not have any set goals, and might end up contributing to Cinefessions only once over his or her lifetime. Anyone looking to contribute a guest article, review, or opinion piece may submit that piece to me directly. You do NOT need to fill out this application! Instead, email me using the contact link at the website. Nothing will ever be used without your express written consent, and you will always be credited and linked.

If you have any other questions before submitting, please email me directly.

If you believe you can achieve the high level of quality that Cinefessions is looking for, please apply by filling out this form here.

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