Mission Statement

2013 Entertainment Goals are to watch more than I did last year, and catch up on some directors I may not know well enough.
2012 Entertainment Goals are simply to watch more films than I did in 2011 (which I failed).
2011 Entertainment Goals can be found here.

Cinefessions began as The Movie Files in January of 2010. It had a seemingly simple quest to watch 169 movies in one year. It was created by me, Branden (aka: Psymin), and has become the place where I try to hone any writing talent I may have. In the past, I have written for Inside Pulse – Movies, and We Love Cult. Now, though, my focus is on Cinefessions alone, as I strive to make it a consistent choice for unique film reviews, articles, and podcasts.

If you are a filmmaker or production studio and would like me to review your film, I would be glad to do so. I take pride in my critiques, and will never give a star rating or review that I feel is unjustified. This means that any film I receive from a studio will be under the same microscope as a film I happen to purchase. In short, I will not play favorites.

Expanding on this, Cinefessions strives to be the place where movie fans visit for honest, thoughtful critiques of films, both old and new, from an eclectic mix of genres, written for (and by) the typical movie-goer. Pomp and arrogance does nothing for me, and I strive to keep my critiques true to who I am: a professional-but-fun movie lover. My favorite genre is horror, as evidenced by the amount of horror movies I watch in a given year, but I appreciate the entire craft of filmmaking, and simply love being entertained. That being said, I will never limit my genre selection (except maybe during the October Horrothon, where I attempt to watch as many horror movies as I can stand). This way, fans of all genres can appreciate Cinefessions, and it will allow me continuous expansion of my cinematic palate, creating more insightful discussions and debates on the best (and worst) film has to offer.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions/comments/concerns at psymin1[at]yahoo[dot]com.

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  1. Hugo Silva says:

    Hi! You may not want to pass this on and that’s ok, but I’ve nominated you to a Versatile Blogger Award!

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