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Film Swappers #2 – Confessions of a Porn Addict (2008)/Bear City (2010)

Welcome to Film Swappers, where Chris and Branden force the other person to watch any movie of their choosing. The only rules are that the films chosen have to be one that the other person hasn’t already seen, and they must be watched and reviewed. Film Swappers #2 Confessions of a Porn Addict (2008) and…

Movie #140 – I’m Still Here (2010)

Movie Number– 140 Title– I’m Still Here (2010) Running Time– 110 minutes Director– Casey Affleck Writer– Casey Affleck & Joaquin Phoenix. Starring– Joaquin Phoenix — (Originally an IP Movies Review) I’m Still Here fronts as a documentary, covering the infamous decision of Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix’s retirement from acting and attempt to become a rapper….