The Cinefessions Team: Who We Are and Why We’re Here

Why We’re Here

cropped-Cinefessions-Distressed-Black21.jpgCinefessions is proud to specialize in horror, sci-fi, and cult media reviews and podcasts. Though you may find reviews of the latest summer blockbuster, or an old black-and-white romance, it’s horror, sci-fi, and cult media that’s always on our minds. It doesn’t matter if it’s presented on the big screen, panel-by-panel, in 8-bit, or on the boob tube, if it thrills, exploits, disgusts, questions, sucks, explodes, or simply scares the hell out of you, we’re interested. The only thing you won’t find on Cinefessions are reviews that pander to distribution companies or filmmakers. If we love something, we want you to know about it, and to tell your friends. If we hate something, we know it is our job to be just as loud about it.

What makes Cinefessions special is that we have put together a team of writers that are excited about finding new filmmakers (like Harrison Smith, director of Camp Dread), discovering classic films for the first time (like Bride of Frankenstein), and unearthing modern-day gems that aren’t talked about nearly enough (like Spring Breakers). We are a team that is still developing our history and knowledge of film. We are not experts, but fans that are still in awe of the art forms that we love. Sure, every once in a while a film like Camp Hell comes around, but we know that for every one of those there is a Walter Mitty, a Daredevil, a Winter Soldier, and a Tom Taylor to remind us why we love what we do. Our goal is to make that passion evident on every podcast, with every article, and in every review that is published on Cinefessions.

If this if your first time visiting, click here to get started. And remember, the next scream you hear may be your own. We hope you enjoy the ride.

Who We Are

Branden Chowen
Branden has been a film fan since he was young, roaming the halls of Blockbuster Video, trying to find the grossest, scariest looking VHS covers to rent and watch alone in the basement. It wasn’t until recently, though, that Branden started seeking out the classics of cinema, and began to develop his true passion for the art form. Branden approaches each film with the unique perspective of having studied the art from the inside, having both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in acting. He has been a film critic since 2010, and has previously written for Inside Pulse Movies, We Love Cult, and Diehard Gamefan. His biggest achievement as a film critic, to date, has been founding Cinefessions and turning it from a personal blog to a true film website, housing hundreds of film and television reviews, and dozens of podcasts.
(Some) Favorite Films: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Signs (2002), The Graduate (1967), Zodiac (2007)
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Chris Ranson
Cinefessions Debut: January 29, 2013 with a Film Swappers #1, reviewing The Burning (1981)
Chris was raised on horror films, which gave him a deep love for the genre, especially its most quirky and offbeat titles (like A Nightmare on Elm Street 2). This love quickly turned into an obsession for cinema in 1997, when he decided he needed to see every major theatrical release. Video games (JRPGs), reading (anything but fantasy), and reality television (Survivor) are just some of his other passions. He’s been with Cinefessions since 2013, and has been writing reviews all over the internet for the past twelve years.
(Some) Favorite Films: American Beauty(1999), 12 Angry Men (1957), Children of Men (2006), Gladiator (2000)
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Ashe Collins
Cinefessions Debut: April 11, 2013 with a review of Evil Dead (2013)
Born the same year as Star Wars, it seems Ashe was destined to be into films with big impacts, explosions, and laser swords. With a love for sci-fi and horror, Ashe has a thing for games of both the tabletop and video variety. He is living a charmed, married life of sixteen years, along with several cats, a dog, and a bearded dragon. Ashe currently writes for Diehard Gamefan, covering video and tabletop games since 2008. Starting with Cinefessions just a few years ago, he has decided to tackle one of his original passions: film.
(Some) Favorite Films: Jurassic Park (1993), Aliens (1986), Star Trek II (1982), Star Wars: Episode V (1980)
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Marc Nadeau
Cinefessions Debut: January 6, 2016, on episode 35 of The Cinefessions Podcast
Marc was a wee boy when he started wandering around the horror section of his local video rental store, seeking out the delicious VHS box art, and getting spooked by the movie stills that stared back at him. He lucked out by having his Godfather own a C-band satellite dish, to which he was given (mostly) free reign to look over the various HBO and Cinemax channels while (allegedly) trying to avoid the porn stations. With this power at his finger tips, he quickly became a fan of films like Robocop, Full Metal Jacket, and Captain Ron. Fast forward many moons, now equipped with the power of the internet, Marc has made many friends with similar passions, those being movies, video games, wrestling, and poster collecting. Marc isn’t a writer, nor is he a film critic, but he’s seen enough to give a quasi-informed opinion on a weekly basis on The Cinefessions Podcast.
(Some) Favorite Films: Ghostbusters (1984), The Blues Brothers (1980), The Big Lebowski (1998)
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