Batman The Long HalloweenWelcome to episode two of Graphic in 60 Seconds, a podcast dedicated to short and sweet graphic novel reviews in about one minute. Season one of Graphic in 60 Seconds will cover twenty different Batman graphic novels, in chronological order, starting with Year One, and ending with The Dark Knight Strikes Again. I will be covering the major story arcs in the Batman’s career, including The Long Halloween, A Death in the Family, and Hush. These reviews are intended to give a very brief overview of the graphic novel, and will not contain my full thoughts on each book as I am trying to fit the review into a strict time constraint of around one minute.

Episode two of season one is a review of Batman: The Long Halloween.

There will be no set schedule with this as of now, and instead, episodes will be released as I read through this arc. Due to the strict time constraints, each solo episode is scripted, unlike The Cinefessions Podcast, which has no script at all.

Comments are always appreciated, whether positive or negative. Enjoy this episode of Graphic in 60 Seconds. The only guarantee I can make is that it won’t take much of your time.

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