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The WolverineTitleThe Wolverine (2013)
Director: James Mangold
Runtime: 138 minutes (Extended Cut)
Undoubtedly Hugh Jackman at his best in the role of Wolverine. I watched the extended cut, and the R rating works much better for this character. The two female leads around him are incredible as well. Beautiful and ass kickers.

Story & Script
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more mature and emotionally deep traditional superhero film. The scenes between Wolverine and Mariko are sweet and sincere. On top of that, this delivers the best story of all the X-Men films, which is surprising because it’s a pretty simple one.

The scene on the top of a Japanese bullet train is action at its finest. A lesser director would have made that scene laughable, but James Mangold finds the fun in it and delivers one of the craziest action moments I’ve ever seen.

I cannot overstate how much I loved Wolverine in this one. This is the type of film that let’s his real character shine through.

I will gladly watch this again right now. It’s stellar and I cannot see the shine dulling on repeat viewings.

The Verdict
The Wolverine sets a new standard for superhero films, and though there is no way they’ll continue to be this intelligent, sincere and mature, it’s great to see that some of them have this potential going forward.