Movie Number- 70
Title– Underworld (2003)
Genre– Action
Branden’s Rating– 7 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating– N/A out of 10
Average Rating– 7
Netflix Rating– 4 Stars
Comments– Bridgette and I both started watching this movie, but only I made it to the end.  Bridgette was tired from working all day so she wasn’t able to finish the movie and decided to not give it a score (she did watch 3/4 of it though).  Bridgette’s major complaint about the film – which she still liked – was that the vampires – a creature that is supposed to be difficult to kill – were extremely easy to kill.  I agree mostly.  The vampires and lychans seemed to be falling just as easily as humans in any other movie, which took away from their fantastical powers a bit.  Nonetheless, I thought the story was really well played out, and it had a nice twist at the end which I didn’t see coming.  I am definitely making a point of adding the rest of this trilogy to my “To Watch” pile.  It was a nice turn to see “adult-themed” vampires and werewolves after being subjected to the tween romance of the Cullens, Jacob, and Bella.  Good.