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The CallTitleThe Call (2013)
Director: Brad Anderson
Runtime: 94 minutes

The little girl from Signs is all grown up, and though the majority of the film is her crying into a cell phone, she’s still a remarkable talent. Halle Berry was doing her best to buy into her character, but the script hurts her. Michael Eklund as the antagonist is brilliant, though.

Story & Script
As I mentioned, Halle Berry’s character is just not well-written. She isn’t very likable and her hypocrisy and arrogance as a trainer really bugged me. The love story between Jordan (Berry) and Officer Phillips was a pointless add-on as well. The story is interesting, though, especially if you’re into true crime stories.

This is the worst part: Brad Anderson can be a great director (Session 9). Instead, this feels more like another above average outing like Vanishing on 7th Street. One moment that really irked me was when he had to reference back to a point that happened earlier in the film. Instead of thinking the audience would be smart enough to make the connection on their own, he had to replay the moment on-screen. That always bothers me.

There are a number of moments where I just didn’t believe the choices that the characters made. This hurt the credibility of the whole film.

There’s no need to watch this again.

The Verdict
The Call is above above averge, which is incredibly disappointing because Brad Anderson can do so much better. Its one of the better WWE Films releases, but that’s not saying much.