Movie Number- 76
Title– Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak On a Plane (2007)
Genre– Horror/Action
Branden’s Rating– 5 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating– 5 out of 10
Average Rating– 5
Netflix Rating– 2 Stars
Comments– The title should give away exactly what this movie is about.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you just how shitty 90% of the acting is, and how poorly the movie is written (well, I guess the title does give both of these clues now that I think about it).  As I mentioned, I am a zombie fanatic, and that is the only reason I picked this one up as a rental.  The only thing this movie does well is the over-the-top action sequences.  These are fun, and there is some humor spread throughout, especially by one character (the only truly great actor in the movie), but the fact that these action sequences are happening on a plane requires a TON of suspension of disbelief, which the movie doesn’t really earn.  A mediocre story through and through.  Mediocre.