Movie Number- 75
Title– Predator (1987)
Genre– Action/Sci-Fi
Branden’s Rating– 7 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating– 7 out of 10
Average Rating– 7
Netflix Rating– 4 Stars
Comments– Keeping with the macho action flicks, and because Predators comes out tomorrow and it looks good, Bridgette and I decided to rent the first two.  Predator definitely lived up to the 80’s action/sci-fi hype that it has been given since it’s release.  There is tons of action, ridiculous amounts of explosions, and loads of Schwarzenegger that equal out to a ton of fun and another 80’s classic.  The predator itself is one of the coolest looking bad guys I have seen, and when it takes it’s helmet off, it gets even better looking.  Not much depth to this film, but I didn’t expect, or want there to be.  I’m lucky that Bridgette is enjoying these dumb action movies as much as I am.  Good.