Movie Number- 72
Title– Shutter Island (2010)
Genre– Thriller
Branden’s Rating– 6 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating– 6 out of 10
Average Rating– 6
Netflix Rating– 3 Stars
Comments– Here is one where a “6” really means “disappointing” for me.  There is no way that this movie deserves anything less than a 6, but at the same time, I was expecting to like it more – around an 8 was my guess coming in.  Leonardo DiCaprio did a nice job, and I love Mark Ruffalo as an actor, and thought he lived up to his name.  The problem here wasn’t the acting by any stretch: it was the story.  I knew the “twist” less than halfway through the movie.  Now, to be fair, that might have been because I was looking for it, hearing about how this movie had a twist ever since it was released in theatres, but I still wanted more from the twist.

Haha, I just turned to, and apparently there is a group of people there that insist the opposite of what the movie spells out for the viewer to be the story.

I went ADD for a moment, excuse me.  Back to the movie.  Shutter Island is definitely an interesting film, and I highly recommend it, but what it really did for me was make me want to read through the book.  I thought the characterizations were complete and interesting, and the story, though predictable in my eyes, was nicely woven.  If you’re on the fence about this one, I suggest giving it at least a rental.  The Blu-Ray looks nice, so at least you’ll have that.  Memorable.