Movie Number- 35
Title- The Fourth Kind (2009)
Genre- Thriller
Branden’s Rating- 6 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating- 6 out of 10
Average Rating- 6
Netflix Rating- 3 Stars
Comments– This movie can either excel or fail based on your sensitivity to the matter at hand, and whether or not you believe what the filmmakers are throwing your way.  Although I do not believe in alien abductions, I still like the way the film was handled.  At the start of the movie, the actress Milla Jovavich (Resident Evil, The Fifth Element) is shown on screen giving the viewer a disclaimer – everything that is about to dramatized is supported by actual video evidence, which will be shown at points throughout the movie, and what you are about to watch will be disturbing.  There was one point that I found what I was watching “disturbing”, but that was because of the (supposed) violence depicted – they show a video of an “actual” shooting.  I use quotes and parenthesis because I am not 100% convinced that these were not just the filmmakers way of getting us deeper into the movie.  If they are in fact real, then there is some pretty scary stuff here.  If you enjoy alien abduction movies, then you might want to check out The Fourth Kind.  Be aware that it does get slow at points (which is why I was unable to give it anything higher than a 6).  If you are able to buy in to what the filmmaker is pushing as reality, then you might find some of the things presented in this movie downright terrifying.  An alright movie that is worth a rental, but once you watch it once I can’t imagine you’d want to sit through it again (unless this type of film is really your niche).  Memorable.