Movie Number- 27
Title- Pandorum (2009)
Genre- Sci-Fi Horror
Branden’s Rating- 5 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating- 6 out of 10
Average Rating- 5.5
Netflix Rating- 3 Stars
Comments– Damn.  I really wanted to like this movie once it started, but it just never delivered on it’s full potential in my opinion, and never managed to climb up out of mediocrity.  The story tries to make itself epic, but fails.  The end of the world is upon us, and a group of…well, people, I guess, are sent off on a spaceship to inhabit a different planet that was discovered to have life on it (in the form of vegetation and animals).  But, once our main characters wake up (Dennis Quad and Ben Foster), they have a bit of amnesia and are unable to remember what their mission is, or who they are.  In order to regain power to this ship (which has somehow lost it), Foster’s character sets off to the reactor to get the ships power back on.  The problem?  They are not alone.  It started off great when I saw the first bad guy because it reminded me of The Descent, one of, if not THE scariest horror movie I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, the comparisons end there, and the film gets worse and worse at it progresses.  Not a bad movie by any stretch, and one that sci-fi fanatics might enjoy more than myself, but, for me, it was just mediocre.  Mediocre-Memorable.

Alright, I am now caught up from our movies we watched this weekend!  I have no idea what is coming from Netflix next, but hopefully something good.

Thanks for reading.