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The Cinefessions Podcast – Episode 49 – The Criminally Underrated: Rock & Rule (1983)

Welcome to episode 49 of The Cinefessions Podcast! Today, Branden, Ashe, and Marc conclude the Criminally Underrated Arc. Today’s film is the listener choice pick, suggested by Ashe: Rock & Rule from 1983. Subscribe to the Show on iTunes , Android, and now on Google Play! You can follow along with the Criminally Underrated Arc in multiple ways….

The AniMAYtion Challenge – Ashe Collins on Rock & Rule (1983)

Welcome to The AniMAYtion Challenge, where Ashe and Branden review one animated film every weekend throughout the month of May. Each film was chosen in draft style, with Ashe recieving the first pick of round one. Today, Ashe Collins selects Rock & Rule from 1983. Title: Rock & Rule (1983)Director:  Clive A. SmithRuntime: 77 minutes — Rock & Rule was…