Happy Fourth of July to all of our American readers out there! But, because it’s July 4th, that means that the annual Cinefessions Summer Screams Challenge must be over. CSSC6 is now behind us, but what a month it was! And now that it’s done, it’s time to look back and see how we did. Plus, we have to hand out some prizes, which is always fun.

The Sixth Annual Cinefessions Summer Screams Challenge may not have had the most participants we’ve ever had, but the seven of us that joined in did one impressive job. We managed to watch, as a group, 276 films and 94 television episodes for a total of 788 points! That’s awesome. This year’s winner – by a significant margin – was Chris. He beat the second place Ashe (the past few year’s winner) by over 200 total points, which is mind blowing. Ironically, Chris watched exactly as many films – 113 films – as the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th place participants…COMBINED! Just insane. Congratulations to Chris for being the Champion of CSSC once again.

That said, though, the prizes for this year’s contest are going to our readers and listeners, so Chris, Ashe, and myself were excluded from the Amazon gift cards, which means that the best score from a non-Cinefessions team member wins the $25 Amazon Gift Card to the store of their choice. And this year’s winner of that $25 Amazon Gift Card – finishing in third place overall – is Whisperia! Congratulations, Whisperia. Please contact us via twitter or email to share the email address you’d like your gift card sent to, and specify which Amazon store you prefer.

There is still one more gift card to hand out, and this one is a random winner out of all the active participants. Using random.org, this year’s winner of the $10 Amazon Gift Card is our fourth place participant, Julie! Congratulations, Julie. Please contact us via twitter or email to share the email address you’d like your gift card sent to, and specify which Amazon store you prefer.

Here are the full, official results

We want to send out a huge thank you to all of our participants in this year’s Challenge. Sure, it’s always fun to win gift cards, but the real point of CSSC is to have a great time with some of our favorite genres, and we genuinely hope you did just that this past June. There’s no telling what 2018 will have in store for the CSSC, and I always leave the door open to virtually any possibilty. But, whatever we end up deciding on, I hope you all will be behind us again next year, just like you always are. Thank you again to all of our CSSC6 participants for your time, dedication, and support of this year’s Challenge. Remember, if you were a lucky Gift Card winner, please contact us via Twitter @Cinefessions or email us at contact[at]cinefessions[dot]com to let us know which email address to send your winnings to, and please specify which Amazon store you prefer (if nothing is said about it, it will be an Amazon.com gift card).

Thanks once again to all of this year’s participants! We hope to see you all again next year.