distressed podastWelcome to the 37th episode of The Cinefessions Podcast! This week, we are glad to wrap up the Netflix Original Docuseries Making a Murderer. This is the second half of a two-part special on this series.

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You can follow along with this series by watching Making a Murderer on Netflix.

Next week, the Cinefessions crew of Ashe, Marc, and Branden will dive headfirst into our Quentin Tarantino Marathon with a review of his directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs. This film is available on Netflix Instant Queue if you want to follow along. We will also be discussing the first episode of season one of Black Mirror, which is also on Netflix Instant Queue.

Note that this Making a Murderer episode is filled with major spoilers, and we highly recommend that you watch the episodes before listening to the show if you do not want major facts about the case spoiled for you. This episode also contains adult language, and more importantly, adult content.

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Show Notes:
0:00:00 – 0:02:01 – Intro
0:02:02 – 0:20:28 – Our Week in Media
0:20:29 – 1:05:12 – Making a Murderer: S1.E6 – S1.E10 Review (Contains Spoilers!)
1:05:13 – 1:11:49 – Outro

(1:11:49 — 164MB)