distressed podastWelcome to the 34th episode of The Cinefessions Podcast! This week Branden, Chris, and Ashe review episode nine of the Starz series Ash vs Evil Dead. They also talk about what their media related New Year’s Resolutions are for 2016!

Please know that there is a minor spoiler for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in this episode during the “Our Week in Media” segment. Please skip that to avoid this minor spoiler if that is important to you. Thank you.

You can follow along with this series by watching Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz.

Note that these Ash vs Evil Dead episodes are filled with major spoilers, and we highly recommend that you watch the episodes before listening to the show if you do not want major plot points, including the endings, spoiled for you. This episode also contains adult language.

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Show Notes:
00:00 – 04:54 – Intro/Christmas Gifts!
04:55 – 25:14 – Our Week in Media
25:15 – 28:04 – Exciting Announcement for Next Week’s Show
28:05 – 45:04 – Ash vs Evil Dead: S1.E9 (Bound in Flesh) Review (Contains Spoilers!)
45:05 – 56:30 – New Year’s Media Resolutions for 2016
56:31 – 58:55 – Outro

(58:55 — 53.9MB)

Ashe’s New Year’s Media Resolutions:
1. Watch 4 New-to-Me Films Each Month
2. Watch at least 300 Films
3. Earn the Platinum Trophy in Mass Effect on Playstation 3

Chris’ New Year’s Media Resolutions:
1. Beat Dragon Age: Inquisition, Alien: Isolation, and The Evil Within
2. Watch 60 Films from My Letterboxd Watch List
3. Lower My Unwatched/Unread/Unplayed Lists Down as Much as Possible

Branden’s New Year’s Media Resolutions:
1. Publish at least 40 Podcasts
2. Publish at least 40 Written Reviews/Articles
3. Beat at least 4 Games (said three on the episode, but I’m adding one so it is one game a quarter)