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Stage FrightTitleStage Fright (2014)
Director: Jerome Sable
Runtime: 89 minutes
There isn’t a weak link in this bunch. Meat Loaf does a great job as the father figure and camp leader, and Allie MacDonald is not only sexy, but also finds a lot of depth in her lead role as Camilla. Her voice is excellent as well. Douglas Smith as Buddy – Camilla’s brother – plays one note the entire film, but that’s the character he was given and not a knock on his acting. The rest of the ensemble is hilarious, and do a great job with the chorus numbers.

Story & Script
A flamboyant group of musical theatre artists all converge to their summer musical theatre camp to put on a musical. This time around, they’re performing The Haunting of the Opera (a very blatant homage to Phantom of the Opera). Someone at the camp doesn’t like musicals, though, and is set on murder. This silly idea makes for an incredible ride. It is the perfect mix of horror and comedy, and the musical numbers are just icing on the cake. I thought I predicted the ending well before it hit, but I was only half right, which is exciting as a slasher fanatic who can usually guess the ending.

Jerome Sable is able to find a wonderful mix of musical theatre songs and rock songs, and when they happen at the same time it makes for a kick-ass experience. The blood flies in this, as do the musical numbers, and as a horror fanatic and theatre graduate, I couldn’t ask for a better combination. I loved Sable’s style, both frantic and calculated, and the kabuki choice for The Haunting of the Opera is a hilarious touch.


“The following is based on a true story. While the names have been changed to respect the victims and their families, the musical numbers will be performed exactly as they occured.” I don’t think I need to say anything else.

I will be happy to watch this film over and over again. Musicals just never get old.

The Verdict
Stage Fright is one of the best horror films from 2014, and the perfect mix of horror, comedy, and musical theatre is an absolute blast.