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Cam2CamTitleCam2Cam (2014)
Director: Joel Soisson
Runtime: 91 minutes
The acting is the strongest part of this film. They’re able to buy into this strange world and deliver solid performances across the board.

Story & Script
Cam2Cam is about a bunch of sexy teens from around the world that happen to converge in this low-cost housing. Oh, and for no apparent reason, they decide to start killing each other. Not much is really explained, and I could never shake the feeling of “weird” throughout the whole movie. It starts off strong, but then turns strange.

The cinematography is good with a lot of interesting shots, and the kills are done nicely (though most are off-screen). Otherwise, there’s not much to talk about.

Cam2Cam definitely has a sexy factor, but it comes from the teasing of nudity instead of the brief nudity there is in the film. This sexual tension might be enough to keep some viewers engaged – like myself – but it doesn’t make for the strongest movie when the script is borderline nonsensical.

I will not watch Cam2Cam again. There’s just no point in wasting another 90 minutes.

The Verdict
Cam2Cam starts out well with a strange cam seduction and murder, but the tension of the opening scene is never matched again. It is not a terrible movie, but one that can easily be skipped.