Welcome back to The Cinefessions Podcast! We are topping off the 13 Days of Halloween in the best way we know how: with a new podcast episode! This time, the crew goes over five Top 5 lists, all horror related.

We list our top five horror films, remakes/sequels we want to see, horror performances, sequels, and horror cinefessions (horror movies we have not yet watched). If you like lists, or the horror genre, this episode is for you! Oh, and Chris propositions Kevin Williamson on-air. Yeah, it happens.

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Show Notes:
0:00:00 – 0:01:35 – Intro
0:01:36 – 0:15:41 – Top 5 Horror Cinefessions (Horror Films We Haven’t Watched)
0:15:42 – 0:39:29 – Top 5 Horror Sequels
0:39:30 – 0:54:13 – Top 5 Horror Performances
0:54:14 – 1:20:04 – Top 5 Horror Films
1:20:05 – 1:36:58 – Top 5 Remakes/Sequels We Want to See
1:36:59 – 1:38:45 – Outro/Kevin Williamson Proposition

(1:38:45 — 90.4MB)