CinefessionsLogoCinefessions starts the new year off right with the first of twelve planned podcasts for 2014! This month, Chris, Ashe, and Branden review a pair of low-budget slasher films from Netflix Instant Queue: Malevolence (2003) and Bereavement (2010). After both films are reviewed, the trio also discusses some of their personal Cinefessions (films they need to see but haven’t yet), and touch on a couple of Oscar snubs.

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Show Notes:

00:00-01:49 – Introduction
01:50-10:35 – Malevolence Review (Warning: Spoilers!)
10:36-22:30 – Bereavement Review (Warning: Spoilers!)
22:31-31:12 – Our Personal Cinefessions Discussion
31:13-34:14 – Oscar Snubs
34:15-34:53 – Outro
34:54-35:12 – Post-Credits Scene

(35:12 — 80.5MB)