Welcome to episode 2 of Cinefessions, the solo podcast dedicated to the confessions of a cinephile. In Cinefessions, I talk through film reviews, recommendations, and plenty of other things you may not care about.  This week on the show, I begin the first ever Cinefessions Movie Marathon! I’ve decided to make the Resident Evil film franchise my first outing, so episode 2 contains a review of the original film from 2002.

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You can listen to the show by clicking play below.

Show Notes:
0:00 – 2:35 – Introduction
2:36 – 9:13 – Film ReviewResident Evil (2002)
9:25 – 12:05 – Once Upon an Instant Queue: Triangle (2009)

Music courtesy of  The Rural Alberta Advantage from Free Music Archive. Both clips are excerpts from “Stamp” by The Rural Alberta Advantage.