“The rules are simple, just pick your favorite horror film for each day! However, you can’t pick the same horror film more [than] once. So once you pick say THE EXORCIST for your favorite horror film involving the powers of Hell, you can’t [pick] it again for any other day [whatsoever,] including favorite horror film.”

Source: Dollar Bin Horror

Day 28 – Your favorite horror film that no one’s ever heard of
Film: Frozen (2010) – dir. Adam Green

Thinking of a film that no one has heard of is impossible, but Frozen seems to be as close as I’m going to get.  Readers of my site may remember that I loved this film when I first reviewed it last year.  Following the story of three friends who get stuck up in a ski lift at the end of the weekend, Frozen is an excellent, independent survival flick.  Adam Green makes use of his low budget by relying on the acting chops of the three characters, and the viewer’s imagination.  Even though the majority of the film is shot in one location (which I unabashedly love), Frozen never gets boring.

This was one of the biggest surprises of last year, and a film that any horror/survival fan should give a chance.