Movie Number- 83
Title– Zombieland (2009)
Genre– Action
Branden’s Rating– 9 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating– 9 out of 10
Average Rating– 9
Netflix Rating– 5 Stars
Comments– I cannot believe how long it took me to watch this movie!  As I said a hundred times, zombies are the shit, and anything relating to them I usually enjoy.  Zombieland, however, stands above most zombie related media I have watched or read, and is without a doubt the funniest zombie comedy I have seen (it’s been a while since I’ve watched Shaun of the Dead, but from what I remember, I liked this one better).  It’s a pretty average zombie story – the world has been infested with zombies for whatever reason, and there are only a few survivors left.  This follows the story of Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg – The Squid and the Whale, Adventureland) (named for his hometown of Columbus, Ohio…boo) as he treks back to find his family, following a set of rules that he is constantly adding to.  He meets Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson – EdTV, The People vs. Larry Flint) along the way (again, all the names are based on their hometowns), who then meet with two sisters (Emma Stone – Superbad; Abigail Breslin – Signs).  Bill Murray makes an excellent cameo as well.  I found the movie hilarious from beginning to end, and anyone who enjoys zombies should love this one.  Incredible.