Movie Number- 23
Title– Valentine’s Day (2010)
Genre– Romance
Branden’s Rating– 8 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating– 8 out of 10
Average Rating– 8
Netflix Rating– 4 Stars
Comments– Thanks to Bridgette having her birthday two days before Valentine’s Day, we headed out to the theatre for the first time all year to see the new, star-studded movie Valentine’s Day. Obviously, heading in to this, I was not expecting much: it is a chick flick that coming out on V-Day weekend to make millions when all the ladies make their men take them to the theatre (and our theatre was JAM PACKED full of couple…at least, they COULD have been couples). So I figured it would be “just another dumb chick flick”. Boy, was I wrong. This movie was smartly written, and surprisingly unpredictable (for the most part). The acting was good, and even Ashton Kutcher had me feeling for his character- though, I will shamefully admit I enjoy Ashton Kutcher in the majority of his roles, even outside of That 70’s Show. Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, He’s Just Not That Into You, Midnight Meat Train) continues to impress me as his “star quality” rises- he’s simply great. I was honestly laughing my ass off for about 70% of the movie (mind you, I laugh at a lot of things), which I didn’t even consider happening when I entered the theatre. There were only a few times where I thought to myself- “oh that was a corny line” or “that would never happen in a million years”. The story took us on a great journey through the lives of these different characters on the one day of the year in which some love and some hate- V-Day. I thought I might find the movie tolerable, especially after seeing the cast list and comparing it to another recent Romantic Comedy with big names that I loved- He’s Just Not That Into You– but Valentine’s Day has taken over He’s Just Not That Into You‘s spot among my favorite “chick flicks”. All of this, topped by the fact that my (second) Goddess, Taylor Swift, is in the movie, made this one of the more enjoyable nights I have had at the theatre in a very long time. If you enjoyed He’s Just Not That Into You at all, or happen to like romantic comedies, DEFINITELY check out Valentine’s Day. Great.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Thanks for reading.