Movie Number- 21
Title– Borderland (2007)
Genre– Horror
Branden’s Rating– 6 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating– 5 out of 10
Average Rating– 5.5
Netflix Rating– 3 Stars
Comments– This was one that was scheduled to show up next on our Netlflix queue, but thanks to Comcast’s On Demand we were able to watch it today and not waste time with it in the mail. After seeing it, we are pretty happy that we didn’t waste a Netflix rental on it because it was just another “meh” horror film. What got me interested in this film was that it was based on actual events. After seeing it I can definitely see how any crazy cult out there could have influenced the movie. At the end it actually talks about the real story (through text) that this movie is based on, and it has me interested to check out more about it (being a true crime “fan”). This story follows three guys to Mexico as a last blow-out before they head off to their three different universities. When there, they meet some women, take some drugs, and piss off some people which leads to the cult getting involved in their lives. It is a good enough story, it just didn’t “wow” me in any one area. The camera pissed me off quite a bit with its “lets run WITH the actors instead of putting the camera on a rolling cart”. Overall, worth a look if you’re bored and can watch it On Demand. Rider Strong is in it for those that used to be obsessed with Boy Meets World like I was, so that was pretty neat (but, you can catch him in Cabin Fever also, which is arguably a better film if only because of the humor it throws in). Memorable-Mediocre.