Movie Number- 14
Title– Star Trek (2009)
Genre– Sci-Fi/Action
Branden’s Rating– 9 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating– 8 out of 10
Average Rating– 8.5
Netflix Rating– 5 Stars
Comments– For some reason, we never made it to the theatres to see this movie last summer, so, thanks to Netflix, we were able to catch up on what has to be my favorite I have seen in 2009- even better than District 9 in my opinion. For someone who has watched a total of 30 minutes of Star Trek in my entire life, I thought this movie was incredible. It was a spectacle to look at (and looked stunning in Blu-Ray), had a fantastic script, great acting, and all the action you could want mixed with a story that was engaging as all hell, and had both Bridgette and I cracking up laughing at points. The only reason this movie wasn’t perfect is because it got to be a bit confusing towards the end (but I think I have it cleared up now). Despite the fact that I gave Up a 10 and Star Trek a 9, this is, without a doubt, the movie of 2009 for me. Incredible-Great.

So, are they any Trekkies out there that could help me out? This is a prequel to the first Star Trek television series, correct? I am about 99% certain it is, but I wasn’t even that certain until very late in the film. I just really hope that they make some more of these with this cast because they kicked ass in my opinion. I am not sure what is going to be able to top this movie in the coming weeks…oh well, let’s see if anything can come close.