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Book Review – Branden Chowen on Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Title: Pet Sematary Author: Stephen King Published: November 14, 1983 Publisher: Doubleday Audiobook Narrator: C. Michael Hall — The film adaptation of this Stephen King classic is a great horror movie that I fall more in love with every time I watch it. Because of that, I was excited to finally hit play on this…

Movie #103 – Header (2006)

Movie Number– 103 Title– Header (2006) Running Time– 89 minutes Director– Archibald Flancranstin Writer– Michael E. Kennedy (screenplay), Edward Lee (story) Starring– Jake Suffian, Elliot V. Kotek, Dick Mullaney — For the uninitiated, Edward Lee (or here) is a splatterpunk author, and writes some of the most graphic, grotesque, messed up horror stories ever conceived….