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A Cinefessions Poll – Where Should We Go from Here?

For the past couple of weeks, this poll has been hiding on the sidelines, but today we’ve decided to bring it to the forefront of your attention. We’d love for you to take a second to help guide us where to go from here, because we’re always looking to improve, grow, and find better ways…

A Cinefessions Poll – You’ve Chosen Our Arc, Now Decide Our Destiny!

As announced on episode 80 of The Cinefessions Podcast, you, our readers and listeners, have helped us decide that we’ll be spending our next podcast arc with the fine folks over at Scream Factory. This couldn’t make us happier (but, frankly, I could have honestly said that same thing about any of our excellent options)….

A Cinefessions Poll – Decide Our Next Podcast Arc!

Today we are putting the power in your hands! You have the chance to decide what our next podcast arc will be. The three of us at The Cinefessions Podcast have talked it over, and decided that our next podcast arc will be highlighting one of our favorite distributors. So we’ve all taken a look…