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Thor - The Dark WorldTitleThor: The Dark World (2013)
Director: Alan Taylor
Runtime: 112 minutes


Loki steals the show here just like in The Avengers Kat Dennings also does a great job in her role. The rest of the cast follows suit.

Story & Script
This is a more interesting story than the first film with more meaningful action as a result.

Though Alan Taylor’s forte seems to be the small screen, he does an excellent job in making this feel epic in scope. He brings everything together in a way that meshes well with the world that Branagh created in the first Thor.

Even with all these positives, there’s just something about Thor as a stand-alone film that is weaker to me than the other Avengers. I’d watch Cap or Hulk over Thor any day.

Unless I decide to do a marathon of Phase Two before the next Avengers film, I don’t really see a need to revisit this again anytime soon.

The Verdict
Thor: The Dark World is a good film, but nothing blows me away like Captain America: The Winter Soldier or The Avengers, for example.



Branden Chowen
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