Movie Number- 81
Title– Triangle (2009)
Genre– Thriller/Horror
Branden’s Rating– 7 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating– 7 out of 10
Average Rating– 7
Netflix Rating– 4 Stars
Comments– This one was a shocker.  It bears a pretty generic cover over at the Netflix Instant Queue section, and I probably wouldn’t have ever watched it if it wasn’t for a poster at Goodreads suggesting it.

Here is what I wrote about it at the Goodreads site:

“I figured this would be a typical teen slasher film with lots of gratuitous violence and sex, but that wasn’t the case at all. Well, ok, there was a lot of violence, but nothing compared to movies like Hostel or The Descent. I don’t want to say too much about this in fear of giving away anything, but you can expect a thought-provoking movie (just because the complexity of the film, not because it makes a bold statement about the human condition), and a well-written story with interesting characters.”

I will say a little bit more about the film here though.  The story follows a women’s struggle to survive after heading out on a boat with a friend (and his group of friends) crashes in a sudden storm in the Bermuda Triangle.  After the boat crashes, they climb aboard a giant (what looks like) cruise ship.  What follows in one of the more original stories I have seen in horror films recently.  Though some complain that there is no “pay off” to the build at the end, I completely disagree and thoroughly enjoyed this one.  I highly recommend you give it a viewing because it is on Netflix’s Instant Queue service right now.  Good.

Branden Chowen
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