Movie Number- 45
Title- The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007)
Genre- Documentary
Branden’s Rating- 9 out of 10
Bridgette’s Rating- N/A out of 10
Average Rating- 9
Netflix Rating- 5 Stars
Comments– This was one of the best documentaries I have seen, though I may be a bit biased thanks to the fact that it was all about one of my passions: video games.  Nonetheless, A Fistful of Quarters was fantastic.  It tells the story of (hero) Steve Wiebe’s quest to become the #1 Donkey Kong score record holder against (evil villain) Scott Mitchell.  It started off with me just wanting to hit everyone in Wiebe’s camp: they acted like the guy was a nothing, a failure, when in reality he has a beautiful wife, beautiful children, and a good job (well, he gets that as the movie progresses) teaching middle school, and a wonderful house: the man was already a success in my eyes.  But, he wanted more, and thought Donkey Kong was the way to find this happiness.  Steve Wiebe comes off as a genuinely good man, while the movie portrays Mitchell as an arrogant, pathetic, egotistical, 30+ year old boy who is afraid to take on a challenger.  If the director wanted me to hate Mitchell, he did a great job.  Although the record books have changed from the time this film was shot in 2006, this is still a great story of one man’s journey to be the best at something.  It’s a great story that I recommend to anyone who enjoys video games as much as I do.  Incredible.

Branden Chowen
Editor-in-Chief at Cinefessions
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